About Us

Rossdeutcher Consulting was establish in 1994. With the background of Public Accounting, the initial goals was to provide services to clients that lacked internal sophistication. Throughout the years we have been providing clients with help in all facets of their business. Although we have assisted in a wide variety of businesses, including restaurants, franchises, retail shops and sales reps, the main focus has been Manufacturing and Construction. Although we have worked with companies that have less then $100k in sales and some with over $100M, we have concentrated on the $2M to $15M market.

Recently we have been providing complete accounting solutions to clients. This includes recording daily transactions, providing reporting requirements and assisting with Human Resources. We have established relationships with bankers, IT companies, insurance companies, business attorneys and immigration attorneys. These contacts have allowed us to assist clients that are just starting out in business and don’t know where to turn.

The relationship with Accountants are based on trust. Some clients have come to us because their current Accounting firm was not lacking in certain areas. The client was reluctant to move firms because they have been with the firm for a long time and like the services they provide. We have been able to work with the accounting firms without the threat of replacing them. This has allowed the client to get the service they need and maintain the relationship with the firm familiar with their history. We also recognize that there are situations that we do not have the experience to handle. We will not take on work that we are comfortable in completing. We feel this is a disservice to the client as well as to ourselves.

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